Astana - a U3A in waiting

Greetings from Astana in Kazakhstan. My name is Aliya Mukhametzhanova and I am hoping to start a University of the Third Age here in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan.

Our government sent me to UK to do research, and then to come back and work for the people of our country. I am now working in National company for the government. We are starting a U3A group to learn English with Tom Holloway, Secretary-General of WorldU3A and the leader of our group is Gulbarshin Kassimanova.

In the picture above you see a meeting for old people on our Republic Day. Their quality of life will be much better if they have things to do and things to learn. I will be like support for them only until it is working with our old people doing active things to keep themselves fit and healthy and teaching each other and learning other languages. Our president said that we have to speak well in three languages, so English is getting to be popular in Kazakhstan. Old people will speak the kazakh language but most people will speak and understand the russian language and so I hope we can contact and help russian-speaking groups in other countries, and in exchange we will learn some english also.

We have strong cold winter and hot summer. This climate is also a reason why people do not live long in this country. We have very beautiful nature. In our country is the middle point of Eurasia. Our old people should know about it. They have to learn from each other these things. They have to teach each other and support each other. They have to share experience, memories, knowledge. They have to be more active, they do not have to think that life is finished. They have to live for us and we will live for them.

This page will only be a start for our University of the Third Age. I hope to have help and advice from people who have experience -- please send an email to