Gordana Panijan, Coordinator of UTD Belgrade in Serbia
1. 'Univerzitet za trece doba', U3D for short, is in Belgrade, the capital of the Republic of Serbia, and the capital of Serbia. Serbia is the biggest of ex Yugoslav republics, and in many ways its only successor. The country has suffered a long crisis and is still recovering.

2. Membership: We now have around 400 members participating in different activities.

3. Foreign Languages available are English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Greek, with English having more students than all others together. Art - drawing, painting and sculpture.
Music - Includes the piano, the guitar, the accordion, the keyboards, the drums and the 'frula' (a kind of a wooden pipe.)
Computer literacy - Presenting and mastering basic packages: Windows, Word, Internet, Multimedia.
- Yoga is a very popular class. History of Theatre, Art and Acting Crafts and handiwork - Practical manual activities offered are designing and sewing clothes and other decorative item. We also organize activities such as artistic colonies, picnics, trips, evening meetings, literary, film and other panel discussions.

4. As an English teacher these are my motives for joining the U3A. First of all, I believe that practicing our memory skills is essential in life. Research confirms that learning a language later in life helps to stave off certain illnesses associated with old age, eg. Alzheimer's. I also believe in lifelong learning. Seeing people with such strong motivation as some of my students have, I feel so much better about life in general.