Croydon, Melbourne U3A - 2014 Committee
Geoff Steventon writes:

Location: U3A Croydon is in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our U3A was formed in 1992 as an extension of one of the first 4 U3As in Australia. We operate under the banner of "Sharing Skills and Knowledge"
Membership: Our membership is 925 and growing fast. We have just updated our 2010 strategic plan as we had begun to overtake predictions out to 2021!

Activity groups: We operate over 100 courses most of which are weekly and we are spread around the Croydon area. We mainly use premises leased from the local Council but as all our activities are between 9 am and 4 pm we also utilise Scout Halls.

There is a strong emphasis on Arts & Crafts, physical activity (dancing, yoga, tai chi, cycling and bushwalking) and languages. A visit to our website at will show the full list of our courses and much more detail about us.


Personal comment: I am the current President of U3A Croydon; I retired in 2004 and in 2006 found the lure of cooking and gardening beginning to become insufficient to keep me fully engaged. I used to walk a lot as a teenager so as the local U3A offered bushwalking I thought I would see how much I could remember. A similar thing happened with singing. I have also tried life story writing and learnt how to use Microsoft Publisher. Then I was nominated as a member of the committee and I am still trying to escape! Finally let me share with you our marketing slogan - The only degree you need is a degree of enthusiasm. I just LOVE that!