U3A Kingborough, Tasmania

My name is Marian Hearn and I am a long-time member/tutor for U3A Kingborough – south of Hobart, Tasmania.
Membership: Now over 400 and still growing. We meet in several places. The ‘Old Kingston Primary School’ Hutchins Street, Kingston. ‘West Winds’, Woodbridge. LINC (Library) Kingston. There are three terms a year of 10 weeks each. There are usually 30+ courses a week to choose from. All for less than $1 a week (2017). A social ‘Summer Program’ is organised each year during January and February. Other social activities occur on a regular basis.
Activities: The range of activities in our U3A include a core list and then new topics as they become available (with volunteer tutors) these include - Technology, Research, Science including Medicine, Walking Groups, Balance Your Bones, Tai-Chi, Mah-jong, Meditation, Crosswords, Chess, Bridge, Quizzing, Art, Photography, Embroidery, Patchwork and other crafts, Key boards and Singing, History, Geography and Sociology; Antarctic Studies, Philosophy, Travel, Current Affairs and Discussion Groups, Book discussions, Poetry Appreciation, Creative writing and writing Autobiographies, Welsh, Spanish, and Latin. Tutors from University of Tasmania and others with special interests and experience such as Family History Research.
Comment: U3A is an organization which enables me, as I age, to continue to keep my mind and body as active as I can, meet up with folk with like interests and be part of a supportive, friendly social group. Our motto is - ‘Learning in retirement for pleasure and leisure.’ Learn more about us on our website – http://www.u3akingborough.org.au

My email is marianhearn@bigpond.com and I am happy to be a contact person.