My name is A.K. Malhotra and I am Secretary of BHAVANA U3A, which is situated in LUCKNOW, capital of Uttar Pradesh, a state in North India.

Lucknow is approx. 500 kms. from Delhi, capital of India and is known as city of Nawabs and Gardens and is famous for its cultural heritage and historical Monuments, a testament of excellence in archeology and architecture of the Mughal era .

Members: Bhavana U3A was founded in Nov'2008 and has more than 75 members, who meet regularly every month.

Activities; Workshops/ Seminars on technology, computers/ internet, investment avenues, Women empowerment. Health care; health camps for elders , Physiotherapy centres and Yoga sessions.
Leisure; Excursion trips, Social Get togethers
Cultural & Spiritual: Community gathering & celebration of festivities. spiritual discourses and visit to Pilgrimage places.
Charitable Activities; Educational assistance to poor meritorious students, Rural Development; Development of backward villages , providing basic amenities.

Major Development projects are undertaken in association with our parent organization 'BHAVANA' (Bharatiya Varishtha Nagarik Samiti), which has 500 members.

What I like about My U3A is- very concept of U3A where I can keep myself and my colleagues' mind and body active , develop feelings of friendship, oneness and brotherhood among members.

My personal message is that there is scope and need to expand the concept particularly in India's rural areas.