U3A Milton Keynes by Francine Allen.
Milton Keynes is this year celebrating its 25th Anniversary, and boasts over one thousand members attending 80+ groups, whose range of activities is staggering. Whether one is of the outdoors or indoor kind; scientifically, philosophically, artistically minded, or just curious to explore new avenues, there is enough on offer to keep one happy for a long time.

We also have mini series of talks on a wide range of subjects on Tuesdays. For instance, in February and March 2012: on Poster Art. Once a month, on a Wednesday, we have the privilege of Exploring Music with Adrian Boynton (Milton Keynes orchestra Conductor): absolutely brilliant.

I've attended the Poetry Group, the Philosophy and Religion Group, and the Writing for Pleasure Group. Sharing, learning, discussing the subjects in a friendly atmosphere, always is pleasurable and informative. Why so few subjects when there are so many to choose from? Well, I am retired and therefore have little free time! As someone said: ' I am so busy it is a wonder I ever found the time to go to work'!

In the past, I have also been a Group leader, teaching French for Beginners (and false beginners!). That too was rewarding and fun. I shouldn't forget to mention an online course I did: Russian Soul - magnificent.

Being a member of the U3A Milton Keynes has furthermore allowed me access to the U3A online Australia. Splendid courses there too. Our website is at http://www.mku3a.org