U3A Osaka, Japan

Location: We are in Japan's second largest city of 2,800,000. U3A Osaka is a project of Age Concern Japan, which was started by Mrs Akiko Tsukatani MBE, who for 35 years was commercial officer at the British Consulate-General, responsible for Town Planning, Environmental issues and Construction, including care of the elderly. She now continues to serve Japan's fast-growing population of senior citizens.

Membership: In September 2014 we had about 550, but we are growing fast.

Activities: Calligraphy, Computers, English conversation, Flower gardens, Knitting, Painting, Paper folding and many others. You can see a video of our singing group here >>> or click on the picture left.

Personal comments: "Japan faces a big challenge; already 25% of our population are 65 or older. I see the British model of self-help U3A groups as being the best to meet Japan's responsibilities towards the aged. That includes courses with Age Concern on care improvement in Care Homes, courses on Senile Dementia and abuse and encouraging the formation and growth of 'U3A Friendship Clubs' to give the elderly a sense of community and safety".


Our office is in the ATC Building, 9th floor. For
travel directions or contact please email acj.tsuka@gmail.com

Preliminary planning for our U3A Asia Pacific Alliance international conference, to take place here in Osaka in 2016, is already taking shape.

We have just recruited four eager volunteers from the business community - seen here on the left. Hiroshi, Junya, Tetsuo and Mayumi have all placed their management skills at our disposal. We are confident that U3A Osaka will have plenty of support from local enterprises, both business and civil.