My name is Jo Lord, a committee member of U3A Port Hills

Name & Location: U3A Port Hills, Christchurch, New Zealand.

History: Formed in 2006 to serve South-West Christchurch and surrounding rural areas with new housing developments.

Membership: 170 members with around 90 attending monthly meetings.

Monthly Meetings & Speakers: We meet in a church equipped with data projector, microphone, loudspeakers. Speakers are invited from the University, Polytechnic, and the wider community.

Monthly meetings start with 20 minutes of socialising over tea/coffee, visiting the sales table of surplus garden produce, paperbacks etc, before settling to hear the speaker and notices.

Range of Activities: We have about 16 Interest groups each with between 4 and 20 members, covering topics requested by members from Art Appreciation, Café Club, Musical Theatre to Religions of the World, Science and Travel. Visit our website for details of all the groups. We also enjoy a mid-winter lunch, occasional bus trips, and a Christmas finger food lunch in December before the holiday break.

A consistently high attendance at monthly meetings and Interest Groups is an indication of the value that members place on this U3A.