Rhonda Weston is President of U3A in Toowoomba

Location: U3A in Toowoomba Inc. is located on the Darlings Downs in South East Queensland, some 130 kms west of Brisbane. As Toowoomba is on the top of the Great Dividing Range, 700 metres above sea level we enjoy a unique climate. The 4 seasons of the year are distinct, and our autumn is beautiful, summers colder than the coast, spring picture perfect and the winters can be chilly.

Membership: U3A in Toowoomba is vibrant, exciting, challenging and has a steadily growing membership now reaching 1600. First established in 1990 on a small scale, we now have an office, computer lab and three classrooms. These cater for only a third of our 140 weekly groups and therefore we meet in locations all around Toowoomba. We have also assisted three other towns to form their U3As and currently have a branch at Pittsworth, 45 kms south west.

Activities: We offer classes in Art, Literature, Computers, Physical Activities, History, Languages, Music, Craft and Meditation. You can even learn Arab Traditional Bellydance and Archery. We are fortunate to have over 100 wonderful volunteer group leaders.

Personal comment: It is never too late to take up a new interest and make new friends. Recently a new member shared this with me and it is the reason that U3A exists and is so important in the lives of our Seniors. “I’m learning the piano; I’m 73 and a lifelong dream come true – wow I never thought I would have the chance to do this”.

Website: www.u3atoowoomba.com