Iveta Kacerova from U3A Zilina, Slovakia

1. Name and location
Our Slovak name is Univerzita Tretieho Veku and we belong to the University of Zilina. The town is located in north-west Slovakia (100 000 inhabitants).

2. How many members?

Approximately over 200.

3. Range of Activities
Planning studying courses for the next semesters 2010/2011: Philosophy, Psychology, PC, Art, Media, Society, The history of town Zilina. The students like also creating meetings - decoupage, glass painting, batik. Discussion hours about literature are very popular and well attended.

4. What I like best about my U3A
Our U3A offers people of retired age many interesting study courses. The members like the education, which is taught by professors, prolectors and specialists of various science. Not just the teaching, but also the organization of excursions twice a year helps to form new friendly contacts.

5. My personal message
"Life can be beautifull in every age!" If you like to get in contact with us, send an email to u3a@uniza.sk